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INAS specializes in quantitative commodities strategy. Applying scientific principles to market orientated thinking.

Data Driven

We write topical deep-dive quantitative research to understand the relevant price drivers in commodity futures markets for a limited professional audience. We provide our clients with a data-driven framework with which to view price discovery and actionable insights to aid their decision making process.

Personal Touch

We also provide bespoke ad hoc advisory services. This includes market strategy discussion, specific analytic requirements, project input and feedback, as well as training.

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Mechanism Design

Our approach encompasses three key dimensions: financial flows, current fundamentals, and the macro environment. We identify the mechanisms through these dimensions that drive a diverse set of market participants to act with competing flows.

Models + Human Intelligence

Financial markets are inherently noisy and complex – investment management is not a science. There is more than a little art to it. At INAS we combine our quantitative rigour with years of experience trading in commodity derivative markets, both systematically and discretionarily, to aid our clients in understanding market drivers, and optimising their investment strategy.

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